I’m not going to beat around the bush because let us face it,

every parent struggles with parenting.

You will have your really good days and then you will have the bad days. However, for stepparents, it’s a whole other ball game.

Stepparents are left wondering what they can and can’t do when parenting, where to draw the line with discipline and asking themselves what their partner expects from them.

Parenting as a stepparent comes in many different ways which will take some time to get accustomed to. You need to be flexible and adapt to change over time. Stepparenting a toddler, teenager or adolescent will take different skills and techniques which you will learn by trial and error. And this is okay!

In addition, more often than not there is another household with its own set of rules. Rules that you can’t control or change. Plus, let’s not forget about the access schedule. Do you’ve your stepchildren every other week, every other weekend or only for a few weeks over the holidays?

All factors to take into consideration when step-parenting.