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How to travel with children?

When you get the opportunity to travel with your stepchildren grab it with both hands and run! That’s my motto anyway. Traveling the world will give your stepchildren a new perspective on life. The only question that stands is, how do you afford to travel?

Traveling can be very expensive. Our solution is to stay close to home and pull a travel trailer until we win the lottery. Canada and the United States gives you many different places and landscapes to see.

However, when dealing with stepchildren there are some things you need to think about nuclear families do not.

– Did you get permission from the other parent?
– Do the airlines or border crossings need a legal permission document?
– Do you’ve your stepchildren’s passports?
– Wanting to go longer than your set access schedule? How do you approach this with the other parent?

A unique situation which will take trial and error to perfect But it’s totally worth it!