Vasectomy Reversal

It’s an unpleasant reality for most second families, the new guy you’re dating who already has kids also has a vasectomy. This is also a taboo subject hardly anyone talks about. But it might be on your mind if you really want kids of your own or are indecisive.

Many people will ask you if you want your own kids. Especially if you’re still at the ripe baby making age. Whatever your answer is there are two responses:

1. Oh well, he has kids it’s basically the same thing.
2. Oh, you don’t know yet? Well, you’re still young.

Both responses are well, highly annoying at times. I have come to the conclusion that it’s what it’s, I can’t change what people will say to me about it.

However, I do want to open up the conversation about vasectomy reversals and the struggles you might face when dating a guy who has a vasectomy.